Corrosion Protection

EHB is a leading corrosion protection services provider in Singapore. We provide our Corrosion Protection Services to plant owners in Storage Terminals, Process Plants and Power Utilities stations, incorporating them as part of our Maintenance & Repair Services in the Plants and Terminals.

In the newbuild construction environment, we also provide a “one-stop service” in Corrosion Protection in which pre-blasting & cleaning of steel surface will be carried at shop, followed by suitable surface preparation and painting works at site as stipulated in the specifications.

Types of Surface Preparation and Corrosion Protection Works:

  • Abrasive blast cleaning to SSPC Standard
  • Dust-free abrasive blasting inside the internal of tank
  • High pressure water blasting of up to 35,000 psi to achieve water jetting standard.
  • Application of suitable of anti-corrosion products, as per specification and requirement.


EHB is an Approved Scaffold Contractor to carry out the scaffolding works, certified by MINISTRY OF MANPOWER.

We provide different types of tubular scaffold for industries needs. Scaffolding works are carried out with the supervision of competent scaffold supervisors, ensuring all safety procedures are implemented in accordance with Workplace Safety and Health (Scaffolds) Regulations 2011.