Selected Project References

Chiyoda Singapore Pte Ltd
(2006 to 2015)

  • Shop & Site Painting of Storage Tanks & Piping System for Banyan Phase 1, 2, 3 and 5 Terminal Project
    • Blasting and Painting for External & Internal of Tank
    • Scaffolding works for painting of pipes
  • Shop & Site Painting of Storage Tanks & Piping for Pit 5 Expansion and Pit 11 Tankage Project and Related Facilities at Pulau Sebarok Terminal
    • Piping and Tank Paint
    • Scaffolding Works
  • Shop & Site Painting of Storage Tanks & Piping for Stolthaven for Phase 1A and 2C
    • Piping and Tank Paint
    • Scaffolding Works
  • Shop & Site Painting of Storage Tanks & Piping for Stolthaven for Phase 2D
    • Piping and Tank Paint
    • Scaffolding Works


Chevron Phillips Singapore Chemicals (Private) Limited

  • Painting of Plant 1 Reactor Structure Fluff Silo Area, Finishing Building And Seawater Cooler Area
    • Erection of hanging and independent scaffold and access for pipe and equipment
    • Water jetting and surface preparation of rusty and damaged areas

Ethoxylates Manufacturing Pte Ltd

  • Repainting of EMPL Plant at Ayer Merbau, Jurong Island
  • Erection of Scaffolding and access for the works

Jurong Engineering Pte Ltd
(2005 & 2009)

  • SMAG II Project SMM II Plant, Jurong Island Field Painting Works
  • Painting of Gas Cooler & Static Equipment for Exxon Mobil SPOX Project

Horizon Singapore Terminals Pte Ltd

  • Blasting and Painting of Pipe Fittings
  • Erection of Tower Scaffold and Re-Installation of Company Name “Horizon Terminal” at TK 505

Lubrizol Southeast Asia Pte Ltd

  • Erection of scaffolding and painting works

Natsteel Asia Ltd

  • Erection of Scaffolding Access for internal ducting at Natsteel


  • Blasting and Painting of Tank at Tankstore

PowerSenoko Ltd

  • Erection and supervision of scaffolding and other rigging works at Senoko Power Station and Pasir Panjang Gas Turbine Station
  • Repainting of Stage 3 CW Intake Structure at Senoko Power Station
  • Repainting of natural gas, diesel and fire fighting lines at Senoko Gas Turbine Plant.

PowerSeraya Ltd

  • Inspection, Servicing and Re-coating of vessels at Stage I Hydrogen Plant at Pulau Seraya Power Station
  • Replacement of cladding at stage 1 Dust Silo Removal system Silo 1 and Painting of Underground Pipings Section
  • Repainting of fire fighting system & diesel oil tanks.
  • Repair and relining of stage 1 EP Hopper containment areas at Pulau Seraya Power Station.

Samsung  C&T Corporation

  • Shop & Site Painting for Seraya Cogen Combined CyclePlant at PowerSeraya Cogen CCP 30 & 40 Project in Singapore

Sembawang Engineering Group

  • Ulu Pandan Sewage Treatment Work Extension
  • Corrosion Protection and Scaffolding Works


  • Repainting of pipelines and structures for Tankstore, Pulau Busing
  • Repainting of external surface of all 8 nos.tanks and associated pipes in Pit 20 at Tankstore, Pulau Busing
  • Protective Coating for Dolphin pipe piles

Tuas Power Ltd

  • Painting of Stage II CW Intake Strut and Access Walkway at Tuas Power Station.

Vopak Terminals Singapore Pte Ltd

  • Banyan Terminal
  • Penjuru Terminal
  • Sakra Terminal
  • Sebarok Terminal

- To carry out Maintenance & Repairs Services for Vopak Terminals, in both Corrosion Protection & Scaffolding Works.